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So Cal Coeds
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So Cal Coeds
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There is something to be said about the straightforward premise of a site like SoCal Coeds. It is direct and easy to understand; these are girls from southern California, college babes who fuck on video. It could not possibly be any easier to understand or hotter to see as these girls all look like the perfect SoCal hotties and they fuck with the kind of enthusiasm that people in colder climes imagine they do!

I like college age girls, I am not sure why maybe it is because they are so fresh and new and of course sex is always an adventure with a girl who is deep into the exploration phase of her sexuality. It doesn’t matter why I like them because I just do and the girls here on this site are some of the finest examples of girls at this stage then on any other site I have seen recently.

Now the majority of this site is very hard core, but occasionally you will find the random ‘girl alone twiddling her fingers’ videos. These are a more relaxed pace type of videos that have these luscious girls just rubbing their pussy’s until they get off. Of the ones I watched Micah Moore was my favorite as this girl has a jamming body and very good looks. But when I was there I was in a hard core kind of mood and looking for something nice and hot lead me to the video titled ‘Britney Stevens’.

Now Britney Stevens is a great example of a southern California brunette which in and of itself is a little different because most sites that actually have girls from that region of the country all feature the blonde babes. True blonde or not that is generally the color hair you get with the SoCal types and there are plenty of them here, but not Britney. The tits she is sporting and her dark hair is what led me to check out her video and I am glad I did.

Her video continues the simple approach to porn with her stating in the opening seconds ‘Hi my name is Britney Stevens, I’m a So Cal Coed and I’m going to get fucked’ which was followed immediately by stunt cock walking to her on the bed and saying ‘Have you ever kissed a rabbit between the ears’ while holding his short pockets out and his cock dangling from his zipper opening. Britney looks at it and says ‘No, but I am going to now’. And then she immediately inhales his cock.

I spent a few seconds trying to comprehend the deeper meaning on that. ‘Was the rabbit an obscure reference to a deity of some kind and kissing it would elevate one’s consciousness?’ I wondered. But I didn’t dwell on it too long because an extremely hot coed was pole smoking and I didn’t want to miss a suck.

The sucking led to stunt cock chowing on her very delicious looking pussy which went directly to her getting fucked. She came to get fucked and he obliges her in several different positions. The quality of these videos are amazing too and you almost feel like you are right there watching when he pulls his cock from her tight wet pussy and dashes to her face to deliver the coupe de gras.

I’d like to mention a little funny observation, her pussy must have been good too because the first spurt comes too quick and he blasts her in the side of the neck. Don’t worry though this guy has a pint of it stored up and still manages to give her a seriously messy facial.

With over 160 videos inside SoCal Coeds you will be busy for quite awhile watching these flicks and checking out the pics. But if you burn through everything you want to see here and still want more, they throw in an additional 9 exclusive video sites as a compliment to this one. These are good sites with very high quality videos and after I counted them all up as of the time of this review there are 970 videos to watch.

Ok, I was disappointed by two things here, the first of which is there are no descriptions for any of the videos I watched. They have a picture of the girl and links to download the videos or check out the images that come with them but I had no idea what was going to happen in the videos until after I had downloaded them. Having said that, if I had known some of these girls just masturbated I probably would have avoided those videos since I am a hard core kind of guy and feel that the diddling vids are a little too slow for my tastes.


These babes are hot and the way they work their bodies would get anyone hard. The videos I watched were sexy and hot and very straightforward, these girls, most of them, came to fuck and they weren’t fucking around about it. Give them the cock and let them work it and they are fine, and so was I after enjoying several of these videos. The extras they give their members are sweet as hell and a real added value to an already outstanding site.
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