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Public Invasion
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Public Invasion
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I used to hook up with this crazy little slut that could do things with her mouth and her pussy that could have earned her a bunch of money if she’s become a professional fucker. She only had one little quirk: she liked to do it in places where there was a chance we could get caught. On under a blanket on a lawn chair in the middle of a tailgate party, or on the roof of a four story building surrounded by several buildings twice as tall are just a few of the things she talked me into!

She’d have fit right into the flock of chicks they’re showing on the tour of Public Invasion; in fact, I wanted to get inside the member’s area just to see if she was there! These chicks are as hot and as horny as they are adventurous, too! The tour shows all the blonde, brunette, or redhead wenches you could hope for, and whether you want them going down on a park bench, getting fucked against a tree, or having anal right on the sidewalk, you’ll see enough on the promo pages to want to dive on into the member’s area!

Shy may be her nickname, but let me tell you: it’s an act. Dangle a chance to do something wild (and, of course, a little cash) in front of her, and she’ll flash her tits, play with her pussy, and generally get wild and crazy – even in the snow! She turns out to be anything BUT shy when she’s got a cock in her mouth, and gets so hot when she’s taking a dick doggy style that I’m surprised that the snow didn’t end up melting!

Maybe it’s the proximity to all that wildlife, but when Petra gets a proposition at the zoo she’s ready to get primal! She looks all cute and innocent, but it’s hard to believe that a slut with a perfect pink pierced pussy all clean shaven and hot is as innocent as she acts! She has perfect little titties to match that twat, and a hunger for cock that blows the last of that innocent shit right out the window. She gives up all her tight holes before taking a face full of jizz!

Petra and Shy are just two of the sixty three chicks getting dicked in the great outdoors on Public Invasion; there’s video and still image content available for all of them. Since they add a new scene to the site every week, that number will be higher by the time you check out the site, too! These chicks are hot, horny, and out to experience it all; winter or summer, the chance to a large dose of man-meat is all the excuse they need to throw caution to the wind!

If you prefer your smut in still pictures, you’ll like Public Invasion. They actually have two different sets available for your enjoyment: a set of screen captures extracted directly off the video, as well as a collection of higher quality digital photos. The screen captures don’t quite have the quality of the photos, of course, but they will load much quicker for those using slower Internet connections. The digital photos are just as candid as the screen caps, too!

The videos are the highlight of the site, and they too are offered in ways that ensure all members will be able to access them. The full length features have been split into three large segments, which you can stream into a media player or download to your hard drive. If those files are too large for your connection to handle, they’re also offered in one minute clips, each with a preview thumb. They even offer a teaser clip that you can view to decide if the flick is for you!

This would be a pretty good deal if it was all that was included in this subscription. It isn’t, however; your membership gets you access to all five sites in the Big Ass Pass. You’ll get to check out the equally hot sluts and equally hardcore scenarios on two ass/anal sites, a big tit site, and a lesbian site too! Also updated weekly, several of these sites have even more material than Public Invasion!

It would be nice if the full length movies were available for download in one large file, and if the still images opened on a web page with links to the next and previous images.


Public Invasion is a nice website with some really hot looking teen sluts who get as wild and frisky as can be! They’re more than happy to show off the fine bodies beneath those cute faces, and there isn’t much they won’t do to get themselves a hot sticky load of jizz! The site is organized in an easy-to-use manner; the content is provided in ways that ensure all members can enjoy it.

Including the entire Big Ass Pass collection with this subscription makes this an excellent offer. There are a slew of hot sluts in all kinds of explicit hardcore action, and with weekly updates across the package you’ll have an ongoing supply of new delights to check out! I wouldn’t hesitate at all to suggest that you become a member of Public Invasion and the Big Ass Pass network!
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$4.95 - 3 Day Trial
$23.95 - 30 Day
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70+ Picture Sets 
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70+ Video Sets
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