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Spicy Latina Whores
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Spicy Latina Whores
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When I think of spicy what comes to mind is food and not Latina women so as some of us tend to do, we do a bit of research on the subject. And spicy can most certainly apply to these ladies. One definition that most apply applies to them is improper or risquť and sexy. I would have to say that just about describes them all in a nutshell and of course they are major sluts and whores so that helps things out quite a bit as well. According to the tour and the images and descriptions that were available for some of the movies, there are basically two types of videos.

You have the ones where the girls are worried about getting their green card yanked and deported back to their countries and will do anything to say in the good ole USA. Then you have the other group that is fucking just for the sheer joy of fucking!

Dakota is young and easy. She never says no to anything so you can stick it in her pussy or ass and you can even stick it in her mouth and blow cum all over her face. She still wonít say no. And you wonder why guys love to fuck a Latin babe, itís because they enjoy sex and are not afraid to try anything new. Dakota is one of the girls that I can live my sexual fantasies through since she is quite the opposite from me. I am on the conservative side even though the hubby wishes I was more like her.

The membersí area is broken down into several areas which you can navigate to using drops down menus located at the top of the page or tabs that link to all the different content areas. The featured videos are the ones specifically for this site and at the time of this review there were only a total of 76 of them with the latest update being over a month in the future. Spicy Latina Whore is part of the Movie Pass Network which falls along the hardcore and some are a bit on the extreme.

You also get access to Super Site Pass which leans toward the fetish and 2 solo sites to finish it off. All the sites that are part of the network can be accessed through the drop down menus.

The featured videos are cut into clips with WMV as the format and are available in both high and low resolution bandwidth speeds. The high has a screen size of 640x480 which isnít too bad but you will find it to be a tad blurry then you also have the low which has a screen size of 240x180 which is small and it is very pixilated so not the best quality here.

You can stream the videos from the server and watch them on an embedded player or you can choose to download to your hard drive. I prefer the download option since it allows me to watch the videos anytime I choose. You will find that they also provide a full-length scene but it is only available for streaming on the high speed.

There is a huge amount of image galleries but they are not Latin specific. You will however find a huge variety of girls, couples and groups to choose from with also a variety in nationalities from Latin, Asian and Ebony and I am sure with time and patience you would find even more. The pictures are high quality and each is set up in a thumbnail gallery page that is linked to the larger image. These will all have to be viewed within the memberís area and with so many sets available to you; it will take some time to go through them all. You will find quite a few here that you will enjoy. I did and I only went through a couple of pages.

For the featured videos the action was pretty good and the Latin sluts are spicy as the name of the site suggests. For the most part, the videos are pretty much straight forward sex but you will find some that involve some threesome action with 2 guys and you get to see some double penetration. If you enjoy the Latin ladies you can also find a Latina TV video feed site where you can stream 8 full-length videos but this site is only 1 out of 72 that you can enjoy.

Along with the 76 featured videos and the 847 picture sets there is a whole lot of extras. If that is not enough, there are also 39 bonus sites spread over 3 networks of sites plus a large supply of video feed sites that are broken down into different niches. This site is updated but not really all the consistently so you never know when you will get a new video, especially now with them adding scenes over a month in advance. But with the whole network of sites you will see an update daily.

They give you a full-length that can be streamed but they donít give you the option to download it like you can the clips. Updates seem pretty consistent but they had updates listed for a month away. I am sure most people wouldnít consider it a con but I like the anticipation of waiting for the next update. You will have all these watched in no time at all and then you will be waiting and twiddling your thumbs for over a month before the next update is added. One thing you will not be lacking is picture sets but there are so many of them, it will take quite some time to go through each image one by one. Making the sets available to be downloaded in zip format would make things so much easier.

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Spicy is good when it comes to food but it is even better when it comes to hot Latin sluts. These girls love to suck cock and what they enjoy even more is to get a big old fat cock shoved into their holes. If youíre lucky enough and if itís something you enjoy you will even find a couple of the ladies getting double stuffed by two guys. The videos are good and you get a huge picture archive so you are not lacking things to see.

On top of that there are 72 video feed sites and 39 bonus sites that you can get access to as well where you can find even more videos that cover a number of niches from your normal vanilla hardcore to a bit on the extreme and even into the realm of fetish. With everything you get with your membership, especially for the Latina whore, this is a site you should take a peak out and judge for yourself.
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