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HQ Flix
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HQ Flix
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It always gets me nervous whenever I see a tour that tends to focus on one aspect of the site to the exclusion of all else. And it seems to be a growing trend that site will talk only about the quality of their content.

HQ Flix has it in the sites name so I started off apprehensive about the content of the videos here since they only seemed to watch to mention the quality. Happily my biggest fear of checking out less then attractive skanks in full screen mode couldn’t be further from the reality as every single one of these babes are straight up gorgeous and well worth a good long look!

But high quality videos is not the only thing this site offers up but they also give you absolutely true hi resolution image content as well. Oh believe me when I say I have looked at a lot of sites that say they have hi-res pics only to find some squatty little 720x480 screen sized images that really are not all that spectacular. But this site has them HUGE and I mean huge and clear, try 1600x1067 on for size. Those images are damn near big enough to print out and frame!

The video quality is extremely high as well here across the board but the consistency of screen sizes are a bit hit and miss for the HQ WMV’s but they all come in with about a 720 width to them. The Low quality is 320x240 and the mpegs screen size if 352x240 but these files take longer to stream then the HQ one so if your connection can handle it, get greedy for the larger WMV’s.

Updates for this site are some of the best I have seen in a long time. They update with either a new video or picture set about every other day here with maybe missing the weekend. Now right now they have a somewhat limited amount of content in here but as often as they update that will soon change. When I coupled the quality and the amount of updates I got very excited.

The site navigation is really nothing I would normally even notice and that means it is very good. Often times it’s the thing you don’t see or notice that means the most. The fact is that getting around this site is so straight forward and simple it really doesn’t even get your attention and that’s a good thing because its not links you want to look at, but hot babes being bad!

Down both side of the main members page is arguably some of the best part of the site. It isn’t any special videos or categories or anything like that, but a full listing of all the bonuses you get when you become a member here. And it isn’t one or two small feeder sites just tossed in as a bone while they try to fill up this site.

But rather full blown sites all with excellent videos in their own right. Sites with names like ‘Her First Lesbian Experience’ and ‘She Likes It Big’ make for a really hot all around porno experience for the members here. I could spend literally days just enjoying a few of these sites and they have 20 for you to browse through.

You know how I know when I think a site is really good? And no I do not judge it by the tightness of my shorts. It is when I have to think about what I didn’t like about a site and the worst I can come up with is the color scheme. They use a black background and thin red text which makes it very difficult to read. That’s how good this site is.


True there is not a massive amount of content positively spilling over on this site, but what they do have is extremely hot. The quality is as advertised on the tour, the girls are gorgeous and they pack in the bonuses here. As a total package this site is very strong and I would recommend it to my friends and visit it with my wife.
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$9.95 - 5 Day Trial
CCBill, Paycom
$24.95 - 30 Day
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20 Picture Sets 
WMV    ,  Download & Stream 
20 Video Sets 
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